Jiggy Babies Non walkers

Jiggy Wrigglers is all about fun! Our groups are NOT classes, they’re social occasions! We offer upbeat, funky music and movement groups for babies, toddlers and preschoolers at an affordable!

Age Group:
0 months to 12 months

Session Length:
45 Minutes

Group Size:
Up to 20 children.

Our baby groups are the perfect introduction to music and movement for you and your baby. We will introduce you to lots of new songs and many old favourites, unique sensory props and tactile materials puppets and we introduce you to makaton. Our playlists change often this is to enable you to learn songs and not get bored of the same thing. We always start and end in the same way as this builds reputation and helps your baby to recognise the world around them. These groups starts with 15/20 minutes of social time offering parental and peer support and complimentary refreshments, a chance to explore the props and play in our giant support ring (called mr wriggles) he is great for back support and tummy time. Social time is a perfect way for parents to meet other families while the babies explore the toys bubbles and magical colour rotating around the room. Our New parent pass Jiggy Wrigglers Free parent pass for babies up to 8 weeks” designed to support parents with postnatal depression (PND) to encourage New parents to come out the house and meet new people we offer up to the first 8 weeks of babies life free of charge to our baby sessions. All you need to do is contact your local franchise, let them know how old your baby is and they will give you a code and explain how it works.

The Ethos of Jiggy Wrigglers

Our award-winning Jiggy Wrigglers development classes are run across the UK and provide sensory music and movement experiences for you baby toddler and preschoolers.

CO Founded in 2008 by mum of three Katie Clunn, the classes combine Early Years Foundation Stages of Learning for teaching babies about the world around them.

At our classes, there’s a relaxed pay-as-you-go approach and we always delight in having a cup of tea and a biscuit during our social time! Socialisation, which is critical not just for kids but all of us grown ups, is a major focus of ours! Come join the fun, get parents and babies the most out of their classes and nurture your little one’s development!

We have five programmes to select from: Jiggy Babies, Jiggy Tots, Jiggy Mixed, Jiggy Junior, and Jiggy Vintage. Additionally, we offer nursery preschool sessions and birthday parties!

Come join the fun, get parents and babies the most out of their classes and nurture your little one’s development! Come join the fun, get parents and babies the most out of their classes and nurture your little one’s development!

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Why our customers love Jiggy Wrigglers

"Before I went to Jiggy wrigglers, I had tried countless baby and toddler groups with my son. He just didn't love any of them. I found it really hard to gel him to go anywhere and had practically given up going to classes. The first session with Lorna he loved it and couldn't wait to go back. He would get so excited and wanted to go all the time! We love the easy going nature of the classes and the music, props and dancing... it's all fantastic! Thank you Jiggy Wrigglers for making each class amazing x"

A Happy Mummy


"We have been attending Jiggy Wrigglers classes since my daughter was 2 years old and have loved every second! We even booked a Jiggys Birthday party. everyone has boundless energy and enthusiasm and makes sure everyone is welcomed and involved. Jiggy Wrigglers has been an Oasis of fun!"

A Jiggy Wriggler Lover


"I have been bringing my little boy to Jiggy Wrigglers since September when he was 8 months old. He absolutely loves this group and has lots of fun. Lorna is a lovely person and includes every child."

A Happy Daddy


"I've been bringing my twin girls to Lorna's classes for two years-since they were tiny babies- and we all absolutely love it! They enjoyed it when they were small and could just shake a rattle and their enjoyment has grown as they have been able to join in with more as they have got older. We absolutely love Jiggy Wrigglers and look forward to classes every week!!"

A Happy Mummy


"Aidan and I started corning Jiggys in October 2019. We used to attend Jiggy Vintage with my Nan in her care home and now attend Jiggy Mixed. We love the songs and the interaction. My son was a late talker and not very confident. Now he joins in which is lovely to see. I would definitely recommend Jiggy Wrigglers"

Aiden's Mummy